Monday, August 2, 2010

maymont and a photo shoot

we went to maymont on saturday and of course, with all the pretty places....did a photo shoot:)


we also had a fantastic time teaching 5day clubs:) we would get up, get ready....most of the time, barely getting out the door on time, haha, and teach our first club, hang out at the church and do completely random things (hence the dress up pictures) and then teach the last club, and get home in time for dinner:)

swimming and tanning

not only do we like to shop and hang out...but we like to tan and have a good time, so we went to the pool and did some tanning aswell:)


so a few months ago, i was on the phone with my best friend katherine, it was getting late, but we had a few minutes left to talk cause girls always do, and she was like..."how about i come visit you?" and i got out my calendar, we picked a date, bought the tickets, and last saturday we picked her up at the airport! it was sooo fun cause i havrn't seen her in over a year. and day one, being the kinda girls we are...we headed straight to a place we could go shopping, and went straight to starbucks right after!:)