Sunday, September 28, 2008

Now what?

ummm... our computer is on deaths doorstep!! And all our pix are on it! so you'll just have to read what goes on in my life! UUGGGHHH!!! I am sick too...(are you sure computer viruses are not contagious??)! i absolutely HATE being sick!! My throat is so sore, that when we went to church today, talking to my friends was embarrassing!! I DO NOT sound like myself AT ALL!! I forgot just how terrible it is when I'm sick, it kills me that i can't hold my little sister bcuz I'm sick, it is absolutely HORRIBLE!! (sorry to bore you with my complaining!!) My brother Caleb has a birthday coming up! i love birthday parties!! This year Mom put me in charge of all the planning, that should be fun!! He will be turning 7!! WOW!! Time flies!!

uuuhhh...thats all for now!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

crazy things in my crazy life!!

Hey!! I know i haven't updated in like 4 eva!! sorry, I'll get my priorities straight someday!! Just bear with me for a while ok?? well, a lot has gone on since i last blogged, i got my eyes checked...AAHHH!!! i had to get my eyes dialated or something, for like 2 hours I couldn't read a blessed thing!! and it felt like someone was squeezing my eyes!! AAHHHH...if there is one thing i hate, its things in my eyes...(well that's is not completely true...crooked collars drive me completely IN SANE!!!...just ask my friends!!) but, i don't need glasses, so that is GREAT!!!!
Then, we went to one of my friends soccer games and that was fun.
today we watched the Pats get PULVARIZED by the miami dolphins!!!...whats up with that!!!
thats just about it for now!


our computer is currently "sick" so i have to use another computer, when it is fixed i will add pix...honest!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Last night my Dad took me to a concert at a church nearby to see the band Downhere!! it was so much fun! I had seen their music video on Spirit Music Television, Mom saw that they were in concert, so she told dad and he took me!!!! after the show we stood in line (4eva) and eventually i got my CD signed, and this picture!! it was so cool!! I had such a great time!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another year of school has started...

SOOOO....We started school Tuesday, (I still don't know how my mom can homeschool 5 kids!!) And it is going far. I', in 8th grade, and... well, lets just say I CAN'T STAND MATH!!! I'm pretty good at English, but when it comes to anything numbers...FORGET IT!!! I'm glad i have a mom who is willing to help me!! the thing i like about being homecshooled is the fact that i can crash WHEREVER i want spread myself up, (and today i even had music on) and yes i DO learn stuff!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dover point...

Every year for nine years on labor day, our family has gone to Dover point for a picnic, then the guys play soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, or whatever pops into their minds (this year though, I played some soccer with my cousin riley,) And the girls look at pix and chat. then, when everyone is COMPLETELY worn out, we go to the beach part, we always have so much fun!! i have an AWESOME family, I love them all so much!