Sunday, December 7, 2008

...partys for hosting, marshmellows for toasting....

I'm sorry...but i just had to post about my wonderfull family!
my Auntie mel and uncle chad came up to visit for the weekend, and my Auntie Shelly, Uncle Adam and my cousins Aj and Riley had just come back from lyncheberg Virginia,
so they and my grandparents came up for the day, it was fun! My mom, grandmother and my 2 aunts had to have their annual "Girls Night Out"
so i got to watch my sister Leah...might i add....6 months old! and adorable!
when they got back, we had s'mores and i discovered joke....i have never made my own s'more! i have always had someone else do it for me, because usually my dad comes up with his own kind of s'more invention, he'll make it and i'll taste it!...he really rocks at it!! (he is such a cool dad!) but my awesome grandmother taught me how!! yay!! she rocks too!

The last picture, i just had to post of my wonderful, amazing and beutiful aunts, who are always there to make me smile!

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1 Peter 5:7 said...

ok, i hav a few things 2 say. i'll put them in order, kinda
ok, 1. i thought that marshmallow was in your hair, i know weird. it just took me a minute.
2. Wow! Leah is already 6 months old. It seems like u just told me she was born, crazy!
Oh, and 3. i really like your new holiday backround! it's very festive. hope u hav been doing good!