Sunday, January 4, 2009


Christmas eve, our amily has a tradition we will go to my grandparentd house and they will order pizza from our familys favorite pizzeria and then after we eat, drink lots of soda, eat lots of chocolate......(i might as well run for the rest of my life!!) we head over to the church for the candle light chrstmas eve service, last year i sang the song "One King" and since my aunt has a song she sings every year, and so does another lady....i figured if they have "their songs" i might as well have "my song" too!! so i sang that....with a cold i might add!! and then we will go back after the service to my grandparents house and open gifts with them....anyways...(yes, there was a reason for all that i just said!!!) all that to say my aunt and uncle got our family these patriot shirts!

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1 Peter 5:7 said...

nice shirts, Bri!
...and i love your new backround, i think it's my favorite 1, i like your new profile picture or whatever it is called.