Sunday, March 8, 2009

*Nanna and Grampy's house*

yesterday we went to my nanna and grampy's house, and Nanna got this playdough cookie dough stuff, it was like soooooo cute!! and we made some cookies! theres a picture of them somewhere on this post.


1 Peter 5:7 said...

i just got your comment, idk when u put it there.
but..the converse were at Khol's..yea, i couldn't believe they were only $10 either. I've thought they were cool 4 a while, but i figured they were alot of money and i didn't wanna pay alot, so i didn't buy any yet.
Anyways, the blog looks nice! all i noticed was the pix and mission thingy...I think u should try and get pix of the other people 2 if u can. that'd be cool!
Well, here's a 5 pg. story 4 ya! jk

melanie said...

looks like a fun filled day! :)
great pictures!

taffie said...

You can always count on a visit to your grandparents house for some "health food"!!...luv, Nana