Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Acquire The fire

I had the opportunity to go on a youth trip to "acquire the fire" for the first time. it was definitely amazing! we had sooo much fun---once we got there---we started out leaving the church parking lot in good spirits...scheduled to arrive there at about 8:30pm, well, not 20 minutes into the trip, we pull off at kohls...we have trailor problems)= but that was all fixed after about a half hour of waiting on the hour later, everything is great, ipods are out, fingers texting and playing ds's and what not, when we pull off at a church...we have a flat tire. we waited in that church parking lot for over two hours and didn't get to the hotel until 10:30....we ordered pizza and hung out for a while and then went to bed (i got about 3 hours of sleep). but, the next day was full of fun and concerts and speakers, it was amazing! Then, we were gonna leave Sunday morning, and it turned out we were all awakened by the fire alarm. yes. the fire alarm. there wasn't a fire, but we were all certainly wide awake! and we were surprised that nothing went wrong with the trip home. it was definitely a very interesting trip[=

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melanie said...

wow! quite the eventful trip!! glad you had fun!! :) love you!