Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soccer, soccer and soccer...

i just have to say that i am having a BLAST with the girls on my team[= they all mean sooo much to me! the girl at the top in the pic with me is Hannah...(you might know her as the worlds best sweeper) she was one of the first girls that i met and she's been an amazing friend to me! <3 The girl in the third pic with me is faith...or my peanut butter buddy "jiffy" because my peanut butter nickname is "skippy"...if you're not understanding this, just understand it's one of those things that you just have to be there to get it[= the girl in the 4th pic is Leah, she's pretty cool when it comes to scoring goals and i like having her as my left forward! Now as for the girl in the last pic...let's just say we MUST be long lost twins! it's kinda funny! we both like the patriots as you can see, and coordinated our soccer practice clothes to prove such a point. Anyways, enough rambling about my team...just know i LOVE them a ton!

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