Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hey!! I guess it's time to blog again!!

My Aunt and Uncle are up from New Jersey and we are having a FANTABULOUS time!! I am at my aunt and uncle/Grandparents house right now. It is REAL hot out right now, I am DYIN' !! I sat out in the sun for a while, while my cousins and 4 siblings played in the pool.
It was great. I really wish that my aunt and uncle were ALWAYS up!! But, i guess because they're not, that makes me appreciate their visits even more!!

And if you haven't checked out -The Rebelution- yet. CHECK IT OUT!! there is a link to it on the top of the page!!
Hope you enjoy it!

And, I have a video on godtube, of a song I wrote!! go to and type in BriRachelle then go to entire sight ....and you can figure it out from there!!!
ENJOY and leave comments to tell me what you think!!


1 Peter 5:7 said...

Have fun with your aunt and uncle. and your grandparent's.
I haven't checked out that link, but I will try to soon.
We went to a graduation party earlier. It was pretty fun.
This afternoon we are going to go shopping, wal-mart and maybe khol's. we are also probably going to go to Lone Oak's. It is an ice cream place, I think it is in Milton or something like that.
I saw you guys went to Memories.
LUCK DUCK. I love that place.
Well, ttyl.

ajnrileysmommy said...

ooohhh...nice outfit there on the right!! looking beautiful! :)