Tuesday, May 27, 2008

4 All Teenz

Last night I was lying in bed and God began to talk to me about something, -Teenagers-.
I think that when teens start doing bad things, people often let it pass by, saying…” It’s just a stage they’re going through, give them a few years and they’ll outgrow It.” but as I have heard before “The bad you so during your teenage age isn’t a stage, it is just sin!” and you look at so many parents and adults that will just let it go as a stage, well the reality of it is, much to often teenagers don’t even live through that stage.
And most if the teens that do live are scarred for life.
I recently started praying for every school that I pass on the road, and we pass one particular school, quite often, and I began to look at that schools reputation…not a very good one! But I do know that there are some Christians in that school and I found myself wondering… what if every Christian teen in that school took the time to tell, just one, just one person in that school about Jesus Christ, and half of the people that were told, prayed to receive Christ, Do you know what kind of a difference that would make??
It could completely change the schools reputation!! Teenagers have the potential to change the world, but too often they decide not to because of the low expectations of the world. What if we started living up to GODS expectations….NOT THE WORLDS!!!
I think it’s time that out generation, starts thinking more about what God thinks…NOT the world, not our friends…but God.

Think about it, when our days on earth on over, we are going to stand before a HOLY, JUST, and PURE GOD.
Not our friends, not our teachers…but God.

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1 Peter 5:7 said...

Yeah, that's so true, so yeah. I don't know what else to say.
TTYL, -Angelee