Tuesday, January 12, 2010

life just happens too fast...

me and ruthie

me and nana

Me and Koryssa
Me and Bekahlife happens to fast for me to update about everything..so just bear with me ok?

well, we went to nh, and one of the reasons i was excited about going was because i was going to make it in time for the cyia reunion...which was (go figure) canceled last minute! And i wasn't able to go:( but however, i was able to go to my friends koryssa and bekah R's house, and spend the day and night! We went to the mall, dunkin donuts, an indoor soccer game, pizza hut, and then we went back to her house hung out, listened to music...ya know, all that kinda stuff and ended the night watching hannah montana the movie (haha:P) it was a ton of fun! i love them <3>

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<3 Angela! said...

all your pictures are beautiful! <3
i really like the new one like onn your profile thing haha :] cute shirt!