Saturday, January 30, 2010


It snowed! Or, actually, it is snowING! for like the second time this year...not what it would be like if we were still in nh, but it'll do, i like the warmer weather anyways, but i can deal with a little snow here and there:) And these are some pics i took today.

*wanna laugh?* The record for snow in VA is nine inches...yea. NINE! and that was in 1930..THIRTY!! seriously...thats ridiculous!


melanie said...

i love these pictures!!! you are beautiful in the snow!! :) and i cant believe all the snow you guys got!!

i love your new background, and i love the top of your blog too!! you do such a great job with that, the picture and the verse.

i love you and miss you so much!!

Brenda said...

These pictures are so pretty of you Brianna! What fun your mom must have scrapbooking and framing such great pictures.