Thursday, February 4, 2010

fun stuff

I have been having OOOODLES of fun with this little one right here! She is at like the funnest age ever! Lately, i've been doing her nails (quite often i might add) and it is so cute because she absolutely loves her "pretty's" She just sits on my little computer chair and lets me touch her fingers and toes so that she can get her "pretty's" right now i believe she has purple and green on every other fingernail or toenail! She also enjoys baking with long as i share the batter with her:) and then of course theres the cuddles, the reading and what not....anyways...just thought i would say that i have the cutest little sis ever!


Mackenzie said...

Thanks so much for the prayers!

I looove the sunglasses pic! She's one cool cat!


<3 Angela! said...

i lovee all the new stuff and updates! :] Leah is so cute! haha
i love all of the snoww picturess
..actually i love all of the pictures haha

taffie said...

I love your new pic on the blog. What cute pics of you and Leah! My granddaughters are the best, and most beautiful...luv Nana

scott said...
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