Thursday, May 15, 2008


At Youth Group we are doing a serries on "The Average Christian Teen" and I am learning a lot through it, and I was thinking about this saying that maria (one of the youth leaders) said she had heard...I don't remember it word for word, but it was something like...

-The bad you do during your teenage "age" isn't a stage, it's SIN!!-

and I was thinking, when teens (myself included) are tempteded to do wrong, so many times, we look at it as..."Oh, everyone my age does it" or something like that, but in reality it is just sin!!

and I think teens really need to start thinking that just beacause you are a teen, doesn't give you the right to be rude or rebelious because it's just sin!!!


this is a link to an encouraging sight...check it out

this is a clip of the sight that I coppied and pasted....

The Rebelution's Do Hard Things Tour is coming to seven major cities across the United States in 2008. Each conference is a challenging one-day event for teens by teens who believe that our generation is ready for a change. Ready for something that doesn't promise a whole new life if you'll just buy the right pair of jeans or use the right brand of deodorant.We believe that our generation is ready to rethink what teens are capable of doing and becoming. And we've noticed that once wrong ideas are debunked and cleared away, our generation is quick to choose a better way, even if it's also more difficult.The Do Hard Things Tour invites you to explore some radical questions:-


Is it possible that even though teens today have more freedom than any other generation in history, we're actually missing out on some of the best years of our lives?
Is it possible that what our culture says about the purpose and potential of the teen years is a lie, and that we are its victims?
Is it possible that our teen years give us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for huge accomplishments -- as individuals and as a generation?
And finally, what would our lives look like if we set out on a different path entirely -- a path that required more effort but promised a lot more reward?

We describe that alternative path with three simple words: Do Hard Things

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