Wednesday, August 20, 2008


She's finally here! My mom went into the hospital this morning, and she will be bringing back this!! My Leah Grace!! I am so excited! a couple weeks or even a couple of days ago i thought she would never be born, but sure she is!!
Isn't she precious?? how can people see babies and still think that there is no God?? She is so...complex and it still amazes me to think God designed her whole body! And He loves her soo much! ISN'T SHE SO PRECIOUS?!!


Comments from the loony bin........ said...

YIPPEE SHE'S HERE! I AM SOO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS. you are a wonderful big sister Bri. I am glad it was a little girl and you so totally rock. can't wait to see her.


stu_n_courtney said...

Congratulations on your new little sister. She is such a beautiful little miracle! We are happy for your family.

This is Courtney, Chad's sister:)

Yeah for new little lives!!!!